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While our Zumba classes are considered to be from medium to almost high intensity, Zumba Gold classes are considered medium to low intensity. Just right for people “of a certain age”, those who need to ease back into movement, or those who might need to stick with less strenuous exercise. They are pure Zumba … just gentler!
Zumba Gold classes, at the medium level of intensity, are all dance and leave a person completely worked-out! They are just one step down from a regular Zumba class.
Zumba Gold at the low level of intensity can be either standing dance or done from a seated position. These are the perfect classes for those who feel like dancing is their style of fitness, but who might need the comfort and security of sitting in or standing by a chair. It is a Zumba Gold class, fabulous music and fabulous careful moves, all gently done for fun and fitness. Perfect for those who are driving and getting around, but who need slow and careful movement.

Rhythms Fitness Studio is the website of Nadja Young,
a licensed Zumba instructor in Grass Valley, CA.